Q&A 5 Most Asked Questions

These 5 most asked question will surely bring some closure to those age old question we get! You may be surprised to know that we never get tired of answering them lol. And just when you thought you knew us!

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Who’s SAM?

So let’s set the record straight. Neither of our names are Sam. My name is not Samantha and Adonis name is not Samuel, ha! shocking I know. We find that even though we tell our customers Adonis’s name, the name Sam still prevails, and rightfully so. In the end, Adonis is honored to be called Sam and will continue to respond to the name whenever called.

A little background on SAM’s Original:

Sam and his wife Lindy, founded SAM’s Original, a produce company established on the Big Island of Hawaii about 40 years ago. Starting from ground zero, Sam and Lindy built a legacy by growing some of the best produce the Big Island has seen. Sam passed away in 2012 and in honor of his legacy SAM’s Original continues. 

What is Neem

Neem is a hardy evergreen and a common feature of the drier regions of India and southeast Asia. Its has said to be one of the most ancient medicines used on planet. Commonly called the village pharmacy, the bark, leaves, seed, root flowers, and fruit have all been used for many therapeutic purposes. Today Neem is mostly widely made available for uses related to medicines, beauty and organic farming. Click here to read more on our blog about our Neem.


Where are we from? 

We are originally from Detroit, MI. Both born and raised.

Many times when we’ve responded that we’re are from Detroit people won’t take that for an answer. The say, “No, where are you really for?” lol. About a year ago we took a DNA test and revealed that BOTH our ancestral lineage comes from Benin/Togo which is located in West Africa. Guess you can say it was meant to be.


What does VEGAN GROWN mean?

Vegan grown means that we do not add any animal manure or animal by products to our soils.

Traditionally most farms use animal based fertilizers, which sometimes carry many harmful viruses and bacterias, if the animals are not cared for properly. We use our Neem cake fertilizers along side with other organic amendments to enrich our soils. Together we provide the necessary nutrients to keep our plants healthy strong and tasting so good!

Where is your farm located? 

Our farm is on the Big Island of Hawaii. Located in Honomalino Estates, we care for a 16 acre farm on the slope of Mauna Loa at 2,000ft elevation. Our location is perfect for cool weather vegetable crops. Fruit trees like citrus and avocado are most suitable for our elevation. Some of our favorite tropical fruits like mangos, papayas, coconuts, prefer lower elevations climates.. Because Hawaii has 10 of the worlds 14 climate zones, it makes it the perfect place to grow practically anything you can think of. Lucky we live HI!


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