Going 0 to 100! Detroit to Hawaii

In just 5 seemingly short years we’ve come a very long way. As you may imagine, one of the top questions people ask us is how we moved from Detroit to Hawaii. It’s always a fun story to tell. If your expecting some magical fairytale story about how all of our dreams came true and we lived happily ever after, well……. you’re in the right place:-)  We’ve been told it’s quite the story so if you have some time, stick around, it could just change your life!

Where to start? Well in short, in 2012 we fell in love with the idea of getting back to nature.  As we began to look more toward the natural world as a guide to the way we should live our lives, we easily found momentum in adapting a minimalist lifestyle. It wasn’t long before we became full blown, modern day hippies lol. Yes, you could find us in the back woods of our apartment complex sitting Indian style, barefoot, eating case loads of bananas vibin’n to the Bob Marley greatest hits, true story.

Clean air, clean water, clean food, undoubtable became the motto. And the more we learned about the the natural world, the greater the calling to experience it. Almost simultaneously the desire to grow and consume whole raw food became top of mind. So in the innocence of hearts we set our intentions on composting everything we ate and turning our newly leased corner house into the neighborhood food forest. 

As we delved more into sustainable health through becoming our own food source, we had no way of escaping the daunting idea that, like clock work,  a very cold, long winter would fall upon us. At this point, being mostly raw vegans, majority of our food supply was be shipped from places closer to the equator. On top of that, a cold winter on fruit smoothies and old coconuts didn’t sound much like living our best life haha. On top of hours of research, mixed with a lot of common sense it became real clear, real fast that being a good ole’ Michigander was no longer apart of the plan.  

Working for the airlines, was definitely a game changer for us. First class and free flights, THANK.YOU.DELTA lol. The opportunity to get small glimpses of a tropical lifestyle undeniable left a lasting impression. And I think its safe to say it’s something about sunshine and palm trees that speaks to all of us instinctually. With each tropical travel, spending another winter in Detroit seemed very cruel and quiet frankly irresponsible. 

So we quickly began brainstorming on ideas of positioning ourselves in a place where we could live and grow food, comfortably, all year long. And an island in the middle of the Pacific seemed like just the perfect place….


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5 thoughts on “Going 0 to 100! Detroit to Hawaii

  1. Shawna Lynn says:

    Wonderful! I wanna read more! I swear I can’t wait to be in a place to come visit you guys. I have to witness all this greatness you all have cultivated!

  2. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love this! What courage to leave your home and family to pursue your dreams to live a more meaningful and healthy lifestyle. You are a great example for others to follow.

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