Say my Neem, Say my Neem!

What is Neem?!

Neem is a hardy evergreen and a common feature of the drier regions of India and southeast Asia. Its has said to be one of the most ancient medicines used on planet. Commonly called the village pharmacy, the bark, leaves, seed, root flowers, and fruit have all been used for many therapeutic purposes . Today Neem is mostly widely made available for uses related to medicines, beauty and organic farming.

Our Neem is a wonderful natural alternative for use in organic farming practices. Enviornmentaly safe, Neem oil can be used both indoors and out. Neem has been found to be the most powerful tool against insect, bacterias and fungus for your ornamentals and edibles alike.

While neem cake is know to be a wonderful fertilizer, not only balancing acid soil, it actively controls detrimental insects that live in the soil, like neamtoids. It is also widely used for livestock both as an insects control against s maggots blow-flies , biting flies and horn flies as well as livestock feed controlling bacterias like intestinal worms, promoting good livestock health.

Neem is tried and true! Neem on my friends, NEEM ON!

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